I want to take credit, how?

A point where he wants to get something of his own to live on. I would vehemently disagree. You certainly don’t want to drag the loan around with you for long. It wants to be a “fulfillment wish bank”. It is important that the loan amount is paid with the next salary.

Open a loan, good or bad? Crucial factors (advantages and disadvantages)

Open a loan, good or bad? Crucial factors (advantages and disadvantages)

A loan for a vehicle is nonsense. I cannot afford it – it is not bought. You don’t want to carry the loan around with you for long. There is also the savings for the successor vehicle. A shame in how loans are judged. Who would you rather give a loan to?

Person A has never received a loan. Basically, he can save together and buy some of it (car, etc.). Occasionally, person A grants a loan for a new car, a workshop, a solar system, etc. He always repays these loans on time. Would you rather trust the personality with whom you have already had good experiences (person B) or someone you do not know and with whom you have no experience (person A)?

The more credits you have, the harder it is to plan your financial situation. It is also tempting to do things. As long as you pay your loans on time and have no difficulties with your financial circumstances, I cannot name one.

Right or wrong? “If a man takes out a loan, he needs his wife’s handwriting.” 

Right or wrong? "If a man takes out a loan, he needs his wife

Married couples can also conclude almost all agreements independently. However, these are then solely responsible for the commitment made. If banks have given a man a loan and the man becomes insolvent, the house bank cannot access the wife’s property. Exceptions: Installment payment agreements must be signed by both spouses in order to be legally valid.

The assets of both spouses are then liable to benefits. I would like to be informed of further comments by email. Note: Only entries that meet the forum rules will be accepted. Therefore, all entries are checked by the editors. The banks were happy to provide them with credit. However, the tax saving effect is often overestimated. 

Pupils who do not need the support of children or legal guardians to finance their education have a hard time. 

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